Driven by passion and innovation, we are committed to continuously design and develop the capabilities and intelligence of our technologies, so as to ensure robust and reliable robotic systems that can meet the needs across different industries. Our primary focus is on hazardous, hard-to-access or even inaccessible places.

Reachbots empowers companies to shift from heavy reliance on manual labor to robotics and automation, resulting in cost reductions and risk mitigation.

Photo taken from Keppel Corporation Limited LinkedIn Page

Our Story

Reachbots Automation is a deep-tech spin-off from the National University of Singapore (NUS). The first generation of the robot crawlers builds upon 5 years of R&D work under the Future Yards theme of Keppel-NUS Corporate Laboratory, and the lead Principle Investigator (PI), Associate Prof Chew Chee Meng.

Our robots were also showcased to DPM Heng Swee Keat and higher management of Keppel in June 2019. Rayner, the project lead, together with Dr. Tan Yan Zhi, overall theme coordinator, decided to push the technology to market after the project ended.

Management Team

Rayner (left) and Dr. Tan Yan Zhi (right), co-founders of Reachbots Automation, have a combined experience of more than 15 years in the robotics field, specializing in the area of mechatronics and control systems design. They have also been working closely with industry to develop robotic solutions.

Meet our team

Rayner Tan



Dr. Tan Yan Zhi



Alex Tham

Business Advisor

Amir Nivy

Business Advisor

Chia Mun Loong

Technology Manager


Chew Chee Meng

Technical Advisor

Assoc Prof, NUS

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